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Announcing Auditions for the 54th Annual Melodrama!
“Love Potion #9” or “All is Love in Fair and War”
Show Summary:
This year’s Melodrama takes place during the World’s Fair (Trans-Mississippi Exposition of 1898) which was hosted by a little park in North Omaha. (The Trans-Mississippi International Exposition of 1898 covered 108 city blocks in Omaha, attracting more than 2.6 million visitors)… Even the current President, William McKinley, arrived in Omaha to partake in the event. A family of inventors / cons, the Vaughn Family – Cle, Lee, Dee and Vince – have arrived at the World’s Fair to launch their latest invention … Love Potion #9 (the first 8 potions just didn’t work out). While at the World’s Fair, the Vaughn family encounters a vast and interesting cast of characters…and for the first time brothers Cle and Lee have fallen in love with the same woman, a vaudeville performer named Lady who is from Florence. Which brother will win her heart? Will good or evil prevail? Will they ever find a cure for the swelling Love Potion #6 caused?
Audition Dates/Times:
  • Sunday, Feb 25, 2018 at 7pm
  • Monday, Feb 26, 2018 at 7pm

All auditions are at Florence City Hall, 2864 State St., Omaha

Production Dates:
  • May 10, 11, & 12, 7pm

Note: matinees may be added on May 11th and 12th at 2:00pm.  Shows will be performed at Florence City Hall, 2864 State St., Omaha

Rehearsal Dates:
We are looking to begin rehearsals on or around the week of March 12, 2018
Audition Materials Needed:
Auditions will consist of cold readings from select script materials. Materials available upon request. Please contact director Derek Kowal at for materials.
Contact Information:
Derek Kowal, Director
Tel:  402-216-4944
Derek Kowal
 Character Descriptions:
Cast Size 24:
  • 10 Males
  • 6 Females
  • 8 Flexible
  • Lee Vaughn: Shy, book smart, caring member of the Vaughn family.
  • Cle Vaughn: Suave, debonaire, impatient member of the Vaughn family.
  • Dee Vaughn: Naïve member of the Vaughn family – book smart but not smart in any other way.
  • Vince Vaughn: Naïve member of the Vaughn family – not book smart or smart in any other way.
  • Lady Madonna: Heroine. She is a performer at the World’s Fair and engaged to a wedding and party planner who is more of a friend than the love of her life.
  • Pink Cowboy: Flamboyant wedding and party planner; engaged to Lady, but his true passion is to plan and attend as many events as possible.
  • Officer McGregor: The law in town. He speaks in a garbled, muddy Irish dialect full of old Irish phrases.
  • William Jennings Bryan: Former Presidential candidate. Lost the 1896 election to the current president, which has him focused on actually winning something against him and regaining his dignity.
  • Mary Baird Bryan: Wife of William Jennings Bryan. She wears the pants in the family.
  • William McKinley: Current President… staunch conservative, and very egotistical.
  • Secret Service Agent: Always with the President, and concerned with his well-being and protecting the interests of the country and leader of the country. Speaks into wrist as if communicating to others.
  • Mary Katherine McGregor: Lady’s sister. Married to Officer McGregor. Big family, many children she juggles throughout the show. She is the voice of reason for Lady.
  • Doctor Brown: Both a medical doctor and failed inventor. Consistently trying to pitch the next great invention.
  • Knights of Aksarben: Knights of Aksarben / Regency are in no way related to the charitable organization. Any similarities to the actual organization are strictly coincidental. No Knights were harmed in the making of this production.
  • The Italians: “It’s pronounced Spew GOT tee” – minor bit parts; fair attendees.
  • The French: Wearing berets, smoking cigarettes… – minor bit parts; fair attendees.
  • The Germans: Not the French! – minor bit parts; fair attendees.