• Molly Anderson

Assistant Director

  • Eric Green

Production Date

  • August, 2015


  • W.S. Gilbert


The Florentine Players present W.S. Gilbert’s most popular work, “Engaged.”

The play is a burlesque of romantic drama and is written in the “topsy-turvy” satiric style of many of Gilbert’s Bab Ballads and the Savoy Operas: one character pledges his love, in the most poetic and romantic language possible, to every single woman in the play; the innocent Scottish rustics are revealed to be making a living through throwing trains off the lines and then charging the passengers for services, and, in general, romance is gladly thrown over in favor of monetary gain.

Cast (in order of appearance)

  • Katherine Rush as Maggie Macfarlane
  • Brandon Morin as Angus McCallister
  • Heidi Lowe as Mrs. Janie Macfarlane
  • Jessica Kent as Belinda Teherne
  • Pete Pedersen as Belvawney
  • Eric Green as Cheviot Hill
  • Derek Kowal as Uncle Symperson
  • Ric Gustafson as Major McGillicuddy
  • Shelly Gushard as Minnie Symperson
  • Tracie Mauk as Parker
  • Sig Gustafson as the Baker
  • Rhea Dowhower performing the Olio

Show Images

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