An adaptation of the famous disaster movie spoof from the eighties about an airplane, that may or may not have starred Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!


  • Derek Kowal

Assistant Directors

  • Tracie Mauk
  • Katherine Rush


The Florentine Players present an adaptation of the classic 80s parody film, “Airplane!” — complete with a fuselage built on stage in the middle of fair Florence, Nebraska.

Cast (in no special order)

  • Sandy Lemen as Elaine Dickinson
  • Molly Anderson as:
    1. Randy
    2. Girl Scout #2
  • Tracie Mauk as:
    1. PA System Voiceover #1
    2. Dr. Rumack
  • Derek Kowal as PA System Voiceover #2
  • Pete Pedersen as:
    1. Security Check
    2. Air Controller 1
    3. Tower Control
  • Ric Gustafson as Mr. Hammen
  • Sarah Kleckner as Mrs. Hammen
  • Summer Sinclair as Joey Hammen
  • Guillermo J. Rosas as:
    1. Zealot 1
    2. Zealot 2
    3. Victor Basta
    4. Cutthroat
    5. Cabana Boy with Nice Buns
    6. Dr. Flashback
  • Margaret Fiske as Sister Angelina
  • Jim Watson as Zealot 3
  • Char Spicl as Enita Mann
  • Sig Gustafson as Amanda Hugnkiss
  • Carol Hodges as Shirley Davis
  • John Lemen as Jack Davis
  • Katherine Rush as:
    1. Lisa Davis
    2. Girl Scout 2
  • Myrddin McHugh as Ted Striker
  • Tom Blasing as Captain Oveur
  • Eric Green as:
    1. Puppet Dave Wingert
    2. Steve McCroskey
  • Rhea Dowhower as Jenny Henshaw
  • Doug Rothgeb as:
    1. Rex Kramer
    2. Squadron Leader
  • Rick “Q” Quistad as Dr. Carver


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