The White Liars/Black Comedy

The White Liars & Black Comedy

Pete Pedersen

Assistant Director
Joyce Pedersen-Ruegge

Carol Hodges

Production Date
October, 2016


The White Liars

The play takes place in the Fortune Teller’s parlor of Sophie Baroness Lemberg, on the pier of a run-down seaside resort on the south coast of England.

Black Comedy

The action takes place in Brindsley’s apartment in South Kensington, London. This forms the ground floor of a large house.


Karen Olsen-KeelerSophie
Cecelia SassKatrina Tom
David FrolioBrindsley Miller
Katherine RushCarol Melkett
Dede HearityKimberly Frank
Molly AndersonMs. Furnival
Michael CastilloColonel Melkett
Shane TaylorHarold Gorringe
Tracey PrenticeClear
Tracie MaukSchuppanzigh
Ric GustafsonGeorge Bambergerr

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2016 Season: White Liars/Black Comedy


Special Thanks To the Following for Contributions to the Show:

Jim Price at Ace Welding
Judy Greff and Bloom Works Floral
Florence Historical Foundation