The Cupcake Conspiracy by C.J. Ehrlich and Philip J. Kaplan



  • Stuart Anderson

Production Date

  • August, 2017


  • C.J. Ehrlich & Philip J. Kaplan


When newly-separated Max puts a toe in the dating waters behind his soon-to-be ex’s back, he hooks up with the wrong blind date, and finds himself up to his neck in a dangerous plot involving cupcakes. Really evil cupcakes. Meanwhile his would-be date, Suzie, steps out with Alvin, a man of so many identities even he’s not sure who he is. It could be the greatest night of Max’s life, if he can just convince the sultry Natasha he’s the dread-sexy mastermind Bob X, foil her evil scheme, ditch the G-man hot on their trail, and most important, keep his wife from finding out!


(in no particular order)

Derek KowalMax
Shakeida BullisNatasha
Tracie MaukAlvin
Molly TriggsSuzie
Hotdog Vendor/Vince/Armonese Freedom FighterChris Perry
Ignatz/Bouncer/Armonese Freedom FighterEric Green
BarflyDavid Frolio

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